In April 2021, the International Articulation of Those Affected by Vale launched the Vale 2021 Unsustainability Report. Now, after a collective process of review and translation, with the support of partners in Canada, we launched the English version of the document. Our intention is for the publication to reach an even wider circulation, since a company with global operations requires processes of resistance that are, also, global.

The publication, also called a mirror report, compares and deconstructs, with data, the information disclosed by Vale in its Sustainability Report, which the company publishes annually and through which it seeks to disclose its alleged social and environmental responsibility information to its shareholders and society in general.

Report Highlights

Among the critical points of the 2021 mirror report, the Articulation highlights the following:

– the explosion of Covid-19 contamination cases in the territories where Vale operates, disregarding health regulations and exposing employees and local populations to illness;

– the company’s departure from territories it had explored for years, leaving behind social and environmental impacts, debts and violence that have never been repaired;

– the massive outsourcing strategy used by the transnational corporation to increase profits at the expense of making workers’ lives more precarious;

– the racism of the company, which elects territories of black and native populations to install its highly polluting and devastating operations.